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Fantasy HD Nasty Namaste

Fantasy HD really loves them some Alexis Adams and I mean can you blame them guys? She is just a fucking dime isn’t she? Check her out in these yoga clothes at the beginning of the video. White yoga pants just do it for me! The video is short but it lets you know what […]

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Pussy Perfection on Fantasy HD

When a site has an episode called Pussy Perfection there’s really only one girl they can ask who will fit the bill and who consistently blows everyone away with her sexiness…of course I’m talking about our favorite horny pornstar, Alexis Adams! In this Fantasy HD update she strips down to show off those big perfect tits and her cream-smooth […]

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Pussy On The Rocks on Fantasy HD

Anyone order a Pussy on the Rocks? That’s what’s being served up in this Fantasy HD update featuring the one and only Alexis Adams…she’s in the bathroom with her Cro-Magnon of a boyfriend, and he’s rubbing ice all over those beautiful big breasts of hers. Her nipples are standing out like diamonds ready to slice through a bank vault […]

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The Sex Swinger By Fantasy HD

After you’ve been in a sexual relationship for awhile sometimes it gets a little…shall we say, stale. That’s when you start getting creative and pushing your boundaries a little, maybe even investing in a fun toy like this sex harness our girl Alexis Adams has going on for Fantasy HD! She’s a real sex swinger as she sways back […]

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Fantasy HD The Masseuse

sacmethod: It’s only natural that you might feel a certain attraction towards the masseuse after receiving an intimate rubdown…there’s an undeniable connection that grows with each touch, and when the massage therapist is as beautiful as our very own Alexis Adams it can be hard to resist! Luckily she felt the same way about this lucky client, […]

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