• massage student alexis

Massage Student on Passion HD

Our girl Alexis Adams was hoping to become a fully-fledged massage therapist but first she had to learn her final advanced lessons from her instructor…she unfolded the portable massage table, stripped down out of her bra and panties and hopped up naked on the bed, getting her body oiled up and caressed by her instructor’s talented hands. Alexis is […]

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  • Alexis Adams in My Sisters Hot Friend Video

Back on My Sister’s Hot Friend

Alexis Adams has called up her friends brother to come over and give her a massage. She heard he had to log some hours for her massage courses. The thing is Alexis isn’t really trying to get a massage she is trying to get laid which she makes very apparent when she tells her friends brother that […]

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  • alexis in games we play

Games We Play by Passion HD

Sexy Alexis Adams might not be on her way to a world championship belt in Jenga but she always has a good time playing…in this Passion HD update called Games We Play her man grins as he watches the busty beauty knock down her tower of blocks, putting down his cue stick to go from playing with balls to […]

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  • x art deep blue passion

Deep Blue Passion on X Art

I’m not entirely sure why they chose to call this episode Deep Blue Passion but maybe it’s because our girl Alexis Adams is limitless in her lust! In her first scene for X-art she wakes up to find a gift box from her boyfriend, and inside to her delight is a sexy set of black lingerie! I mean I […]

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  • Alexis Adams on My Sisters Hot Friend

My Sisters Hot Friend

Alexis Adams is over at her friends house bringing over some recent products they’re about to be modeling. The thing is Danny’s sister is a lingerie model and so is her friend. So when he see’s all these sexy outfits Alexis Adams decides to share with him how they look on her. These two have group […]

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POV Sex Tape on POVD

Of course our girl Alexis Adams was so hot that POVD wanted her back for round two…her guy pal showed up when she was asleep and she looks almost as hot taking a nap as she does awake! When she does wake up though she’s refreshed and ready for a nice hard fuck, which this guy wastes no time […]

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  • pussy on the rocks with alexis adams

Pussy On The Rocks on Fantasy HD

Anyone order a Pussy on the Rocks? That’s what’s being served up in this Fantasy HD update featuring the one and only Alexis Adams…she’s in the bathroom with her Cro-Magnon of a boyfriend, and he’s rubbing ice all over those beautiful big breasts of hers. Her nipples are standing out like diamonds ready to slice through a bank vault […]

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  • alexis adams football on povd

Football Fuck On POVD

Alexis Adams loves to play football, especially Tight End if you know what I mean…in this POVD update though she’s playing center, snapping the ball and giving you a chance to grab that sweet juicy ass as she bends over in her little shorts! Soon she gets so turned on she just has to have your cock in her […]

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  • phd coffee and cream

Coffee and Cream by Passion HD

If there’s one thing that gets Alexis Adams up and going in the morning it’s a nice hot cup of coffee and cream…well her guy pal had the coffee but it was just black, so he had to provide the cream himself! She sucks and fucks that huge cock of his until he shoots his big load all over […]

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  • alexis train hard on passion hd

Train Hard by Passion HD

We all know our girl Alexis Adams has one of the nicest bodies in porn, that’s just science. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere though, she has to maintain a rigorous exercise schedule but when you train hard you’ve got to cool down to make sure you don’t get hurt! With that in mind, after Alexis finishes going […]

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