Passion HD My Boyfriends Best Friend

Our girl Alexis Adams loved her boyfriend of course but had also had a crush on his buddy for a long time so when she came over and found out her bf had headed out for a few hours she wasn’t exactly disappointed! The two of them hung out together and soon Alexis made her own fantasies come to […]

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Nanny Spy Swallow Her Words

When this guy hired beautiful Alexis Adams as a live-in nanny he thought he had hit the jackpot…she was dedicated and sounded into the idea of taking care of the house and the kid, but just imagine his surprise when he caught footage of her (using the cameras throughout the house) talking on the phone about how much she […]

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Passion HD Soft Touch

Our girl Alexis Adams loves nothing more than getting naked and having her flawless body oiled up and rubbed down and she gets a nice massage in this hot shoot! She made sure to shower first, spraying water on those big perfect boobs of hers before answering the door naked and leading the guy to the massage table where […]

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Passion HD Afternoon Seduction

We all know our girl Alexis Adams is always down for a little Afternoon Seduction, especially when her horny guy pal is behind her sliding his hands over those big perfect breasts of hers! She was talking on the phone when he started kissing her neck and immediately hung up, slipping out of her clothes and hopping on the […]

Nubile Films Temptation

Our girl Alexis Adams poses quite a temptation for this guy who was just trying to get a little work done at home…but I mean who can expect to withstand that insane body of hers when she comes waltzing in wearing just thong panties and a cute little bra that lets those big perfect tits of hers out on […]

Passion HD Worshiping His Hard Tool

What our girl Alexis Adams loves more than anything else in the world is being in bed with her man and worshiping his hard tool! At the beginning of this Passion HD scene he’s doing a little worshipping of his own, eating her tight perfect pussy out underneath the covers to get her snatch all nice and wet before […]

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Passion HD Long Brown Locks

When you’ve got silky long brown locks like our girl Alexis Adams does, you have to be willing to spend some time taking care of them…in this hot update she was in bed brushing her hair when her man joined, offering assistance and then offering a big thick dick for her to play with! That was way more fun […]

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Passion HD Shower For Two

There’s something magical about sharing a shower for two, especially if your partner in crime so to speak is the one and only Alexis Adams! She strips down nude in front of her man to tease and tantalize him with those big perfect tits and her sweet sexy round juicy ass before hopping in the shower, getting dripping wet […]

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Passion HD Deep Down Satisfaction

If you know Alexis Adams you know she demands plenty of Deep Down Satisfaction when it comes to sex…so at the beginning of this Passion HD update she was getting herself all turned on, playing with her pussy through her panties adn waiting for her man to come downstairs to meet her! Soon she was using a sex sleeve […]

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Balcony for In The Crack

Our girl Alexis Adams is back on In The Crack as she relaxes on the balcony, sliding her hands down those long smooth sexy legs and over her round bubble butt, spreading her pink pussy wide open for this In The Crack shoot! She’s got that beautiful tight nude body and loves all the attention as she gets her […]

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